Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie (2014) Poster

Chris Pratt
Will Ferrell
Will Arnet
Morgan Freeman
Liam Neeson
Jadan Sand

Legos were made to be fun for not only kids but for adults as well. Legos came in all sorts of collections from Military, Film adaptations, Nascar just to name a few. The best is when you would buy a big bucket of mixed items and use your imagination to make whatever.

This movie is just about what I was describing from above. The story of Emmet (voiced by Pratt) is the tale of a young everyday worker who is following the rules of life until he finds out he is the chosen one and has to save the lego land people. Emmitt is at a loss cause he has been told that he can stop President Business (Ferrell) plan to use the evil Krackle on everyone. All Emmitt has to do is use his mind and he can make any contraption come to life. Emmitt isn't alone in this quest. He has the team of Batman (arnet) Wyldstyle (Elizabeth banks) to help him along the way.

The movie moves along with us finding out that Emmitt cant form or build many things with his mind except for a double decker couch. Each superstar appearance made by superheroes, wizards and presidents try to believe in him and just lose face.

There is a reason why Emmitt is kind of inept and we see when we get a flash to real life and see who is controlling Emmitt and his adventures. It is a little boy whose has the imagination and will to make some great and fun things but he has to obey his dads rules and everything has to be kept neat and built properly. When dad finally listens to his son and sees that chaos can be had and he allows his sons imagination reignite his own we see another flash back to Emmet saving the day.

This movie was full of laughs has a great song and in conclusion "Honey, where's my pants?"

Monday, July 28, 2014

Were The Millers

We're the Millers (2013) Poster
Jason Sudeikis
Jennifer Anniston
Emma Roberts
Will Poulter
Ed Helms

There have been many movies over the years about drugs and ways of smuggling them all over the world. None of them have been as funny or entertaining as this film is. This is you classic story of a drug dealer who is work for a king pin (so to speak) who has an unforutniate problem in his life where he owes over $40k to the drug lord (yet again so to speak) He has been given the opportunity to smuggle a "Smidge" pot back into the US and bring it back and his debt will be for given. He will also be paid for his journey. However a one person crew to do this not possible. He needs a team or in this case a family. Lets Meet them

David Miller (CLark) played by Sudeikis is our Denver drug dealer who is in this jam and has to find three other people to complete this fa├žade. He has never been more than a drug dealer in his life and only has his eyes set on the prize of drugs and brining back to save his own ass.

Rose Miller (O'reiley) played by Anniston is a stripper in a bar and lives in the same apt building as Sudiekis. She hates doing what she is doing and soon finds out her boyfriend has run off with everything and left her in a point where she is being evicted  and has to join this merry bunch and excepts a certain amount of money from what David will pay her to come along.

Casey Miller (Mathis) played by Emma Roberts is a loner slash as we interpret it homeless girl who fits the profile of being the daughter for this trip. Nora plays kind of a rebel bad ass and ends up finding the family she never had and gets close to them.

Kenny Miller (Rossmore) player by poulter is the funniest one of the bunch. He plays Kenny a sweet hearted love puppy of a kid who looks up to David as a father figure. He is a bit slow and gets talked into doing things he should do and learns some things for people in this film that a lot of us whish we could learn from. He wants this tightknit group to remain together but yet agaon David is only in it to win it so to speak.

Throughout the movie there are great funny scenes which prohibit them from reaching their goal of getting home, be it inscets, Mexican drug cartels, the US DEA or more antics but eventually it all works out. The movie rates a high 7/10 on my list. I have seen it over 50 times and it still as funny as it was from the first time I saw it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Need For Speed 2014

Need for Speed (2014) Poster
Aaron Paul
Dominic Cooper
Michael Keaton

This is the take off on the classic game Need for Speed in which there have been five different titles of the past few years. The game has a huge following and the fan base keeps growing higher with each new release. One of the biggest releases was Hit Pursuit in which would could play as a racer that was trying to win many long distance races with the police bearing down on you or play as the police and stop the racer from completing his race. The game became so popular that they took it to the next level and made a movie.

Aaron Paul (Toby Marshall) was recruited after his success on the hit show Breaking bad. His demeanor and style of acting fit the character they were look for and it so works. Dominic cooper (Dino Brewster) plays the rival in this movie in which he believes  he his the best but knows that until he beats Marshal no one will look to him in that respect.

The movie begins with us finding out Marshall's father had passed of leaving him a business that is in bad financial debt. Marshall is given the opportunity to finish a car in which Ford and Shelby were working on themselves. A completion of this car could bring big bucks. Marshall gets one interested buyer and w/o Brewster's permission  he shows what it can do and sells the card for a substantial profit. Brewster hates the idea that Marshall drove it and offers him a chance to win Dino's share of the pot. Well I don't want to describe what happens but it's an amazing race which was driven on I 684 is Westchester NY  (I have driven this route but no where near the speeds they hit. I maybe broke 100mph.) Cause of the race Marshall ends up in jail and you have to watch to see why.

Keaton who plays "The Monarch" is a mysterious man who finances a race know as the Deleon. The most secret race on the west coast in which Marshall intends to get invited to get retribution on Brewster and clear his name. There are a lot of high flying stunts that are truly amazing and some wrecks that will make you cry for the car that was lost.

Enders Game 2013

Ender's Game poster.jpg

Asa Butterfield
Harrison Ford
Ben Kingsley
Mosies Arias
Abigail Breslin

This movie is based off a book series which I have had the pleasure of reading the first book. I was really intrigued and captivated by the story line that I read it over and over again to try and find little things I missed. I have not read other books in the series cause I got backed up on other books with many different books in them. When I saw that they were making a movie about Enders Game I was excited to see one of my favorite book being brought to life.

The story is about a alien colony known as the Formics had attacked earth fifty years prior to the point we are now. They were defeated by a pilot know to us as Mazar Rackham (Kingsley) but the belief of earths defense is that the Formics will be back. The new attitude is that by the time the Formics return the experienced defense capable commanders will be long gone and begin seeking younger very talented youth who show extensive skill in strategy, logic, astro physics and co course leader ship.

Andrew "Ender" Wiggin is just one of those special individuals who has all these traits and is recruited to go to battle school to hone in his talents and try to make it to the ultimate challenge of command school, but like any challenge obstacles will be in his way. One the emotional challenges  he has to deal with is  his family especially the close relationship with his sister Valentine (Breslin), a over bearing and challenger commander Col Graff "Ford" and a another prodigy Bonzo "Arais" who is severely threatened by Wiggin that he will do anything to make him feel lower than dirt. Bonzo is the top dog for the top spot until Wiggin is traded to his team.

Wiggin has a lot of obstacles to over come to become the one who will or will not be the successor of the command school to lead an army against the Formics before they make an attempt to attempt to attack earth again. Wiggin had to find the inner leadership in his self but also learn to trust the people around him to work with him in his army to make it all happen. Does he do it you have to watch and find out.

All in all this movie followed the book to heart but like any transfer from print to screen little challenges arise. I suggest you watch the film first then the book since the book has a series and if you want to continue his adventure you can choose to at that time.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Midnight Madness 1980

Midnight Madness (1980) Poster 1980

David Naughton
Debra Clinger
Michael J Fox (first appearance in a movie)
Stephen Furst
Alan Solomon

Plot: 5 teams get together to take on Leon's the great all-nighter which is a scavenger hunt and clue hunt run through out Los Angles California. In the beginning all teams don't want to compete but with a little manipulation by Leon and his team all teams become interested in the big prize at the end.
 The opening of this movie looks like an opening for a  70's and early 80's porn movie, but as we watch the five min introduction and see the cast and characters we know it isn't a porn movie (especially since it is a Disney movie) and that there is a purpose for where these girls on roller skates are delivering there invites.
 Each team is composed of a kind o click that is on the college campus. The Popular/rich kids, Jocks, Nerds, Feminine team and Preppy kids. Each team has a hatred for each one of the other teams that are mixed up in the game so that gives them the drive to want to beat each other.
   During the beginning of the movie the yellow teams little brother Michael (Michael J fox) is seen trying to hop a bus and run off. He has always been getting in the way of things so his brother thinks but Michael ends u teaching his brother how important he means to him and vice versa (classic Disney ploy).
  From places like a beer brewery to an arcade and even the famous Bonaventure hotel the movie is full of laughs and will make any night a family movie night

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Two for The Money 2005

Two for the Money (2005) Poster 2005

Al Pacino
Matthew McConaughey
Rene Russo

Plot: Once big college football star Brandon Lang misses his window into the NFL because of a serious injury and becomes a sports handicapper who becomes the best ever until his ego gets too big and goes on a fall. He begins to realize he is losing his family and friends and his new boss who treats him like a son and is costing people the life earnings.

The name of the movie is basically a metaphor for it's self. The two main characters are in this only for the money. They don't care about how their decisions effect anyone including each other. Sports betting is the most illegal and profitable business in the world today. It can make you or have you wearing  a cement Kimono if your dealing with the wrong person.

We see star acting from one of the best in the business in Pacino.  He is the villain in this movie who we end up hating him even more because he tries to squeeze the life out of McConaughey like a lawyer tries to squeeze the blood out of a stone. The two of them play off of one another so well in this film you would think they had done this before.

McConaughey and Russo make for good co stars in this film. Russo plays Pacino's wife who has had to put up with the gambling and drinking and abuse so many times and like a battered wife stays with him no matter what. McConaughey plays the once great colligate football star who loses it all to injury (like many real people before him) and is down on his luck with a dead end job. However like any good movie (even though this is based on truth) he rises to stardom and like Mo Green his eyes get too big for his stomach and fall to the 6th layer of hell.

We are all pulling for him to make good and win everyone's money back and champagne will rain from the sky. However he can't win all the money back for the people he lost unless they BET.  There are very few movies about sports betting. This one makes us realize the real effects gambling has as a whole on a single person and the effects it does to everyone who loses. All in all a 7/10 rating for this movie.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Employee of The Month 2006

Employee of the Month (2006) Poster2006

Dane Cook
Dax Sheppard
Jessica Simpson

Plot: Zack is slacker who works for a wholesale shoppers club and just does absolutely nothing. Ace employee Vince is shooting for the record for being the Employee of the month. Things change when Amy transfer from another store and is believed to have a thing for the Employee of the month. Zack now changes his attitude to try and become that person to win Amy over before Vince gets her first.

This movie is one of the funniest movies with an all star cast of comedians. We get to see the comedic sides of Cook that we all have come to  love. He and Sheppard play off each other so well you would thin k there wasn't a script and they adlibbed the whole movie. Simpson is only in this movie for her looks which are good but as an actress not so good.

The movie takes place is Super Club a whole sale shoppers club where we all know you can buy literally anything not nailed to floors which we have some people do. Zack (Cook) has had a successful life in the past but, when things went bad for him he had to move in with his loveable grandma (who has one of the best lines in the movie) and goes to work day by day as a box boy. He does the minimal each and every day to just get an end of the week pay check. He has a small group of friends who are played by some of the top comics in the business today. From day to day they hang out, go to their club house/break room, and all do whatever they can to just get by.

Vince (Sheppard) is the Super Club stud going for a record 20 months in a row being the employee of the month and if he does he wins a newish Chevy. Vince has the confidence from his Manager and Asst manager who are both weird and funny characters them selves. He despises Zack because Zack will do anything to humiliate him in any way and try's to makes Zack's life hell if he can. Vince gets tunnel vision when Amy (Simpson) is transferred in and focuses on trying to impress her. This gets under Zack's collar cause she is kind of into Vince cause he is known for his long streak of achievements.

Zack wants to impress Amy and starts to become the model employee and try's to steal Vince's thunder and wants to break his streak and become the employee of the month to win  over Amy. The one thing we all have to consider is trying to win over Amy going to change his everyday relationship with his close friends and alienate him from everyone he has cared about to just get the girl?

From beginning to end the movie is filled with crazy pranks and non stop laughs. This DVD also has deleted scenes and alternate scenes that must be watched after watching the movie first cause they are just so funny.

Movie in my book gets a 7.5/10